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Tuesday, February 6 2024 [REDACTED]

Late this morning I drove with the dogs down to Ray and Nancy's house in Old Hurley again so I could get some measurements and then drive out to the Home Depot to get a new circuit breaker box for their garage. I left the dogs with Nancy (she was doing yoga to a video) and drove with Ray in the Bolt to get the supplies. We only needed a circuit box and some connectors for romex and armored cable, since my intention is to populate the box from my huge pile of breakers, many of which were removed to install tandem breakers so I'd have room for big 240 breakers. Interestingly, the box I thought best for Ray had slots for eight breakers in it, and it had clearly been returned by someone. Inside, I found it had a breaker that almost certainly wasn't supposed to come with it. [REDACTED] Ray said that if we really knew what we were doing we would've stuffed it full of loot. But I'm much too law-abiding these days for such high jinks. Another thing Ray said that couldn't really get on board with was, "I feel like when it's February, winter is kind of over." I replied that that was awfully optimistic and that I usually don't feel like winter is over even well into April.
I won't be charging Ray for any of the work I'm doing, so he'll want to repay me in other ways. Today, for example, he paid for some iron plumbing bits I bought at Home Depot for use in making toilet paper roll holders. He also wanted to take me to lunch, but I spaced out on that and we were past the Uptown exit on US 209 when I thought of it.

After completing a bunch of additional work on the [REDACTED], I could kick back on the bean bag with an adult beverage or several.

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