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Wednesday, February 21 2024
Late this afternoon I took the dogs to PetSmart to have Neville's nails trimmed, as Pretty Pet Parlor, our new preferred mom & pop dog salon, doesn't have a working nail grinder. This of course meant I was back to dragging a reluctant Neville across a large parking lot and through a big-box store to get him to where the salon. Of course, I'd also brought Charlotte along, since she doesn't normally want to be anywhere except by Neville's side. Fortunately, she's good on leash, and her presence even seems to make Neville's leash behavior less obnoxious. Of course, when I turned over Neville to the fat woman who does his nails, Charlotte was very upset that they were being separated. I tried to interest her in the nearby cats up for adoption, but all she wanted to do was go back to where Neville was. I did managed to walk her up to the front to pay for the salon visit, but as we waited for a very slow customer ahead of us, she kept filling the store with piercing squeals of FOMO. After that was done, she happily charged with me to the back of the store. I then picked her up so she could see Neville being processed, which made her slightly happier.
After that errand was complete, I drove us up to the Lowes and bought four different roof patching products that could be dispensed from a caulking gun. I want to use one or more of those to stop leaks which I suspect are coming from water sloshing up over the edge of the house's copper northwest valley.

Back at the house, I did lots of work preparing it for Fern to housesit it over the next six days while we are in Mexico City. This involving carrying lots of firewood in from the woodshed and piling it up in the indoor wood rack. (Normally I would've been gathering a bunch of dry firewood directly from the forest for this purpose, but I've been giving my left shoulder time to heal before I go back to doing that. It's made great progress in recent weeks.) I did gather some fresh new wood of smaller diameter to help with starting fires, and I even filled a bucket with pinecones, since, with their abundant pitch, they're one of the most combustible materials in nature.

This evening after she got back from work, Gretchen whipped up a meal of tomatoes stuffed with risotto. But because she didn't have enough good tomatoes, she also stuffed a portobello mushroom and a poblano pepper that had been languishing in the refrigerator. Fern arrived to partake in this meal at around 7:00pm. I don't remember all that we discussed over dinner, but she's always fun to have over and the dogs lover her enormously. At some point I asked Fern if she'd mastered Fahrenheit, and she said she largely had, mostly by knowing a few easy-to-remember conversions along the scale. 16 Celsius is the same as 61 Fahrenheit, so that's a good one to know.

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