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Saturday, February 17 2024
This morning after our usual Saturday morning ritual, Gretchen again drove out to the abandoned bluestone quarry just to force Neville into going for some kind of walk. This time she ran across one of the people living in one of the large McMansions just east of a marsh that lies east of the quarry. (Their addresses are all on Reichel Road.) The woman was walking a couple great danes, and initially Charlotte was afraid of them because of their size. But they were friendly, and it ended up being a positive encounter for all who were there.

This afternoon after I rejoined Gretchen and the dogs on the couch, she suddenly remembered that she'd never given me any actual birthday presents yesterday. So she went and got me them. They consisted of two trousers (one black and one brown), a black shirt, and a rough-woven black sweater that could be closed with both a zipper and snaps. The trousers were a little tight, but I figure I am in the midst of a bit of a later-winter fat phase. (I've been eating a lot and not getting much exercise.) I jokingly told Gretchen I'd start my diet "after we get back from Mexico City." (That's our next trip, and it's coming up soon.)
This evening after watching Jeopardy! while eating leftovers (it was birthday pizza for me), we watched Killers of the Flower Moon, this time a version with at least some subtitles for the Osage being spoken by many of the characters. It's a pretty good film, but it's nearly four hours long, which is a difficult thing to muster the necessary attention span for in the internet-modified media environment that our brains have been conditioned to. (That said, it would be a great thing to watch on a long airplane flight.)

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