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   Ashokan Reservoir starting to freeze
Wednesday, February 7 2024 [REDACTED]
This morning in the laboratory, I stepped on a wet spot and quickly discovered that Charlotte had pissed on the grey blanket, which is the blanket to make things cozy when I am on the beanbag. Charlotte also like the beanbag, and she'd been careful to only piss on the part of the blanket that was not on the beanbag. But this wasn't good. She hadn't done such a thing in weeks, so clearly she was acting out. Confirming that something had caused her to act out, I then found that she'd been chewing on one of Gretchen's shoes on the living room couch. I was able to glue shut the tear she'd made in the shoe's tip, and I mixed some cayenne pepper in with that glue to make it less appealing for mammals.

Gretchen decided to take both dogs to the bookstore with her today with the idea being that I would eventually come and take them home and, while at the bookstore, I would look to see if I could fix the bookstore's non-latching front door. I arrived at the bookstore around noon and started removing screws. But then I couldn't figure out how to remove the deadbolt mechanism, which is integrated into the latching system I would need to fix. I also realized I was missing an indoor thumb lever that would be needed for people to be able to leave the store. Meanwhile, the "A" key had come loose from the bookstore laptop, which is used for managing inventory and logging sales. I tried to pop it back on, which is usually a simple operation. Keys and the things they attach to look very fragile and feature tiny barbs that have to go into tiny holes, but I've never had one break. But in this case, the key would not snap back on; evidently something was bent or broken. So I ended up fixing nothing on this trip to Woodstock, although I did at least succeed at getting the dogs into the car and back home.
As I drove to and from Woodstock past the Ashokan Reservoir, I noticed that it had finally begun to freeze. About a third to a half of it, especially out in the middle, was still liquid, but large patches of ice had begun to form. This would count as relatively late in a season for it to freeze, though I think there have been winters where it froze even later.

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