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   heavy rains and to-go food from Woodstock
Monday, May 27 2024

location: 940 feet west of Woodworth Lake, Fulton County, NY

At some point in the night, one of the dogs pissed on the comforter in the bed of the big upstairs bedroom while Gretchen was sleeping nearby. She'd immediately gotten up and spot-cleaned it but then couldn't go back to sleep, so she'd taken an ambien.

Normally when we spend the weekend at the cabin, we drive back home on Sunday afternoon or evening. But because we'd had a late start on our weekend due to the services we'd been obligated to provide our guests, this time we decided to drive back to Hurley first thing today. It was Memorial Day, but that has little relevance in our life, since it was just another Monday at the bookstore for Gretchen.
We drove home the usual way, through Middleburgh and the northeast Catskills. But since we hadn't taken the dogs for a walk before we left this morning, we stopped at the first (northernmost) trailhead in the Franklinton Vlaie wildlife management area. The Franklinton Vlaie is an 80 acre marsh-fringed natural lake at the headwaters of Catskill Creek. As we walked in, there was a mostly-skeletonized deer carcass along the side of the trail that Charlotte freaked out about and avoided but which Neville probably would've started guarding had he found it. So I carried him past it and then went back to the car and drove a little ways south so I could meet up with Gretchen after she and the dogs hiked down to a boat launch and then back a different way. We were there less than ten minutes, but Gretchen said it was "beautiful."
I drove directly to Woodstock and dropped Gretchen off at the bookstore a few minutes early for her Monday shift. I then went home and took a nap that lasted until nearly 3:00pm.

Originally we'd thought I'd meet Gretchen for dinner when I drove back to Woodstock to pick her up at the end of her shift. But she hadn't had a nap and by the end of the day she just wanted to go home. So she ordered stuff to go from the Garden Café (for me, this was mushroom tacos and black beans) and that was what we had for dinner. I drove us home through heavy rains that verged on torrential at times.

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