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Wednesday, January 7 1998

hat a warm little cloudy day we're having today. It's almost 2pm and I still have my window wide open.

A friend of Nancy "Firedrake" Taylor just wrote me to tell me that Nancy is in the hospital in the aftermath of a rough biking accident. She has a few broken bones but is doing okay. It's unfortunate she won't be able to update her journal for at least another day. Maybe the Mayor of Bethesda Avenue can keep us posted.

I spent the day catching up on loose ends, somehow tragically avoiding this anomalous July in January weather. It rained at times, but the air was so warm, it was almost a relief.


hile Peggy was visiting with her little Baboose, there was a power outage. In the midst of this, a guy named Lew showed up as scheduled to barter an old (but good) laptop computer for my painting Guitar Solace. He'd seen it on my art web page and decided he wanted it. In the candlelight, the laptop looked good, so I was okay with the trade. The power came on at the last moment, and the laptop was working fine, so the deal was done. The world is a small place, by the way; Lew plays bass with none other than Raphæl.

I drove the Dart down to the Downtown Mall to meet with Fred Oesch at Gallery Neo to discuss a multimedia web project he's paying me to do. Strickly business - I do that too - you might be surprised to know.


ut back at Kappa Mutha Fucka, it was chaos as usual. The crazy people were all there: Cecelia the Brazilian Girl, Jesse, Morgan Anarchy, Kiki, you get the idea. They have nowhere else to hang out, so it's always my house. I drank a little booze with them, but I wasn't feeling much desire to hang out with them. I found a way to spend most of my time being an internet recluse in my room.

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