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   January 1998

01: scary cultures - NASCAR, lobster people, and prison culture. Also, Shira the Dog takes a snap at Wilbur the Cockatiel.
02: Silent Andy's garage - A roadtrip to Philadelphia, complete with pin prick pupils, smashed bottles of vino, and pointless confrontations.
03: not remembering Shira - Matthew's drug vacation is interrupted by the rumour of a memorial to Shira, who died of a drug overdose. He shows up fucked up on heroin, but the memorial was just a rumour after all.
04: tussin in Malvern - We waste hours waiting for Sara not to hang out with us, then we take our Dextromethorphan. I tuss alone, unfortunately, but it's still fun.
05: driving in the land of nod - The scruffy return to Charlottesville.
06: short warm little day - It's cloudy and muggy, and it's also January.
07: laptop for a painting - The day is like July in January, and I trade a painting for laptop.
08: Kiki versus Persad - A fight breaks out on the end of my street between two sex partners of Theresa.
09: a flurry of fashions - What's cool and what's uncool seems to be in a state of flux. Also, Sam's going away party at the Brick Mansion.
10: I'll pay for that atmosphere - I buy the expensive pizza from a real Italian pizzeria and don't regret it for a moment.
11: shit, piss, puke and dope - Shira escapes and evades as usual, while the others go to Richmond and I watch River's Edge with an impromptu Monster Boy.
12: chairs, chairs - I see so many chairs on my computer screen that it leaves an imprint on my right brain.
13: biological laziness & scientific ignorance - The dog's poos are left for me to clean up, and I muse on scientific ignorance among youth today.
14: sex versus education - The wiser you are, the less you need sex.
15: business - Finding my way as a business man.
16: bozARTists' party - I find myself more comfortable hanging out with the youths than with my fellow artists.
17: send in the clones - I call them Quintuplets, these four largely Jewish brunette seventeen year old girls.
18: fatness, blackheads and Pop-up Video - A series of random musings concerning beauty, ugliness, and fashion.
19: varicose lifestyle - What's wrong with girls, my life, and a new cat who wants to adopt us.
20: free drinks at a posh place - Angela is our connection as Matthew and I drink booze and ponder our romantic lives.
21: laptop works in Dart - The old comes to the aid of the relatively new.
22: Theresa trashed on two tonics - Theresa causes problems again, and I mention Matthew's infantile psychological abuse of Angela.
23: no friends - And wishing for them brought a little more than was bargained for.
24: current events - I suddenly come out of some sort of History Channel-induced news blackout.
25: anti-Super Bowl - Problems with file structure errors in Windows 95 and avoiding the Super Bowl.
26: Clinton keeps pounding - But it looks so fake that I have no sympathy.
27: fuck-fight-fuck - The relationship between Angela and Matthew begins to oscillate wildly.
28: authoritative command line - I finally get my machine to run LINUX.
29: bartender network - Jennifer takes a hit from an Alcohol Beverage Control sting operation, but receives sympathy from colleagues.
30: musician scene - If you play guitar, things can occasionally be had for free.
31: tell-tale crackle - The Baboose fucks up my laptop, and Matthew and Angela vegetate the day away.