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Thursday, January 15 1998

n ongoing ice storm made my bike ride to the Downtown Mall a miserable experience this afternoon. I had a meeting scheduled at the Downtown Artspace with the owner/founder of Root66 Root Beer, since I'm doing his website. After a long series of run-arounds with various ISP personnel, I managed to begin to secure access to his site, which hasn't been updated since it was set up. I have a completely redone site to upload, you see. And there are plans to include lots of fun things, like a serialized novel called "The Adventures of Root Girl," about a fashionable leggy looker living in a black and white retro world. Jen Fariello is doing the photography, and it involves frequent excursions to various greasy spoon restaurants over in the Shenandoah Valley.

Jen gave me a couple pictures today, and I don't recall who took them. I thought I'd put them on the web since I have no video capability for the time being.

The guy with no shirt is me, dancing with Leticia the Brazilian Girl, Spring 1997, at some random party on 14th Street near the Corner. I barely remember this moment, so drunk was I. Other people in this picture include Jen Fariello's old boyfriend Austin (the guy with the funny beard behind me) and Plan 9 Marijan (the girl with the black shirt). A number of the "skinhead" brats are also present, including Chaz's younger brother (the guy with the watch cap). The girl in the doorway may be none other than Katherine the German Girl. The two girls in the back at the base of the stairs are UVA students, part of the sarcastic bunch that publishes the Yellow Journal.

My famous rooster painting on the office door at the Downtown Artspace. Jen Fariello is the person on the left. Jen tells me that people are forever asking questions about this image, which I painted in January, 1997.

Then I met with Fred Oesch at Gallery Neo about another website I'm doing. I'm kind of new at this game and have no idea how to charge for my time, so I suppose I should expect to occasionally quote excessively large or small figures, as I felt I did today. The shitty fact of the matter is that I'm a good web monkey and a rotten businessman. But I'm smart so I probably have the capacity to learn.

Jen drove me home and I left my bike at the Artspace. She had her usual sad wistfulness about her, and expressed an unexpected interest in hanging out with me. I need to get out of the house more, and she's as fun as anyone I know, so I agreed we should spend more time together. Maybe it's just the time of year that does this to me, or her, or both of us.

Back at home I was feeling stupid, remorseful and depressed for various reasons, and this paralyzed me. I decided to go to bed.


  woke up after midnight and hung out with Deya, Shira the Dog and Nicholas the Cat. Nicholas wanted to cuddle with us, but with Shira there, he was nervous. He kept clambering around between high places, meowing at us and growling at the dog. Shira looked on excitedly, as we firmly told her "No!" Finally Nicholas managed to get to us, cuddling despite the presence of the dog. He seemed much more secure when I put a pillow over Shira's face. "He has no sense of object permanence," Deya said (obviously having learned to talk that way from reading developmental psychology books).

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