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Monday, January 26 1998

  don't know why I am suddenly as interested in this latest Clinton sex scandal as I am. I guess I'm attracted by the sense of history being made. I've always been that way, fascinated by historic news as it unfolded: when Reagan was shot, when the Space Shuttle blew up, during the Oliver North trial, when Anita Hill complained about Clarence Thomas, when the Berlin Wall fell, and during the Soviet coup attempt. I especially like stories where good (as I see it) triumphs over evil. And indeed, if Gore ends up being President of the United States, I'd say we'd be better off.

But having said that:

I can't believe that prosecutors are actually investigating this issue. What two people do in their own privacy should be outside the purview of the legal system. Perjury shouldn't even be at issue. All of us, if asked about the details of our sex lives, would surely lie, even to a court. These issues shouldn't have even been raised. No one should be forced to talk about his sex life. That's invasive, Orwellian and wrong. I feel sorry for Clinton suddenly.

A Musings of the Gus Exclusive!
DNA evidence
Monica Lewinski posing in her nice blue dress. Note the heavy accumulation of "DNA evidence."

But Bill Clinton needs to find some other way to drive home a point than that infernal tapping of the podium with his balled-up fist (using that particular monotonous rhythm). It looks completely contrived. If Bill Clinton would just come across as for real, as expressing honest emotions and real opinions, then maybe I'd care more about his suffering right now. But this guy is even less for real than Ronald Reagan. At least Ronald Reagan had real opinions, simplistic though they were.


  can't believe how much time I blew today playing with my computer hardware, but at least I reaped some fruit for my efforts. It turns out that PC Exchange, the free control panel that mounts PC volumes on the Macintosh desktop, actually does mount hard drives. The feature isn't obvious, but it's there. This allows me to string a SCSI drive between a Windows 95 machine and a Macintosh, having the volume accessible by both simultaneously (without any address conflicts at all). Unfortunately, however, Windows 95 file names don't come through the process intact. In the world of websites, as you may know, keeping file names intact is very important.

The time I spent trying to interface a VGA monitor to my Mac SI was entirely wasted, however. The instructions I followed on the web did me no good whatever; the screen displays nothing.


eanwhile, Matthew Hart and Angela seem to be making each other sufficiently miserable. She goes out on the town (or otherwise expresses independence) and he freaks out. But when she's around they enjoy a continuous stream of squabbles. As I pointed out to Deya, it just doesn't make sense. I'd rather be lonely. And I am lonely, don't get me wrong. This weekend I never even left the house; I know no other life but in front of my computer.

But at least a Malvernian contingent is on its way next weekend.

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