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   zillionth anniversary
Friday, April 13 2001
It was a very productive day at work, completely without interruption. Few people were there because it's the zillionth anniversary of the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior. I found myself doing things with Javascript I didn't even know were possible.

Meanwhile my housemate John drove with Fernando up to San Francisco to pick up a friend at an airport there, with hopes of and returning tomorrow. I wonder if John realizes how far away San Francisco really is. Still, I'm envious. I love big crazy roadtrips like that.
So I hung out by myself, drinking vodkatea and not really getting anything done except the download of an unhelpful service pack from Microsoft. I'm going to be really furious when Microsoft has some "updates available" for me and one of them disables my ability to encode an MP3 at any better quality than 56 kps.

From the "I wish I could have been the one to haze Dubya when he was a fratboy pledge" department:

A USGS Scientist has been fired for posting maps of where caribou calve in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. These calving grounds are within the place in which, as we all know, our semi-articulate president seeks to drill and carve and poke and sully so that the SUV crazy may continue six months beyond its much-anticipated leisure suit date. (Thanks to Matt Rogers for the link.)

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