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Wednesday, April 25 2001
The politics of the corporate workplace have subtleties and nuances an outsider to this world would never anticipate. Today, for example, I had a fifteen minute meeting with the company art director about the layout of a page I'll be putting together (yes, in these peculiar times, with the lack of others to do such things, I find myself laying out web pages again). The gist of the meeting would have taken a fairly small email to get across, but apparently the art director thought a meeting was necessary, perhaps (my project manager thought) to underscore her strong feelings that I not stray from her master plan. It was a reasonably sunny day so the project manager and I were happy to be able and get outside on our walk to the other building. Meanwhile those poor suckers in the art department toil away in a windowless basement office that smells a little like cooked peas. In keeping with the declining employment prospects of the dotcom blowout, 75% of the workstations in that windowless room are vacant.
At the end of the day we had one of those occasional company-wide morale-boosting free beer socials out on the veranda of my building. Most of the people I used to know in the company are now gone: the old Community Team, Julian, etc., so I found myself hanging out mostly with the boys from network operations, people I normally experience only via AOL Instant Messenger. One thing that's clear is that there just aren't as many people in this company as there used to be. And what about the women? Where have all the women gone? Nevertheless, I had so much fun I completely forgot to reactivate my resumé at

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