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   regal Thursday
Thursday, April 26 2001
I keep thinking about the pot plant growing in the alley on my way home from work. It's more than three feet tall and growing lusher and lusher with each passing day. I sort of want to harvest it before some homeless guy gets it (after all, someone is going to smoke that pot eventually, and it might as well be me). At the same time, I want to see if it develops buds. Otherwise it won't be good for much more than pot brownies. I've never made pot brownies, by the way, but I'm sure I can find plenty of people to whom I can outsource this project.

Today was a day just like any other, I suppose, generic in the extreme. Since it was a Thursday, Chun and Maria came over in the evening to hang out with John and watch Survivor II. John cooked up some prefab pizzas and sliced up strawberries and kiwi fruits for appetizers. I can't eat kiwi fruit because for some reason I am allergic to it, although I do like the way kiwi fruits taste. Later on Maria broke out a box of chocolate-covered pretzels and came around handing them out. When I took mine, she and John started laughing about the regal qualities I was demonstrating, stretched out on the couch and deigning to take a chocolate treat. (I don't much like chocolate actually.) "I can't help it!" I protested. "It's okay," Maria reassured me, "You're just such a likeable guy you make people want to treat you like [a king]."

Meanwhile my Athlon machine is working nicely. It's set up beside my bed and tonight I found myself using it to surf the web just before going to sleep, sort of like I would do with a real page-turner of a book, except I had the whole fucking internet at my disposal. One thing that really ticks me off, though, is the way a Microsoft file copy handles a "cannot find that file" situation (usually caused by a corrupted directory map). When it encounters such an error, it throws up an alert box and sits there, and when you click the only button you can click on that alert box, the copy stops right there. You're left to wade through the directories to find where the file copy stopped and manually salvage what you can at that level and then gradually (manually) work your way back to the top of the directory structure. Clearly, a better method would be to keep track of the files that could not be found, log them, continue along with files that can be found, and then report the failures at the end.

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