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   April 2001

01: gypsy cab - Return to Los Angeles from New York.
02: cultural Catholic - The closest thing to my particular religious culture.
03: under such pressure - Credit cards are beginning to frighten me.
04: on her charisma alone - My boss takes me out to drink and eat again.
05: over cubicle walls - A little party at work and Julian gives 2 weeks notice.
06: party for me right there on the street - I hang out with Linda, Julian, Bathtubgirl and Julian in Silverlake.
07: overabundance of excitement of late - I finish up my accounts of the trip to New York.
08: Sunday afternoon in Beverly Hills - Farley's 26th birthday.
09: helicopters, guns and pasta - A SWAT team blocks my way to work.
10: some good luck - Two good things in the money department and a bad realization.
11: manner to which she is accustomed - Bathtubgirl is envious of my tax refund.
12: schizophrenic sperm - Old men father more schizophrenics.
13: zillionth anniversary - I found myself doing things with Javascript I didn't even know were possible.
14: karmic payback time - I get a stolen cappucino in front of Santa Monica's finest.
15: driving on life - John and I go on something of an e-adventure.
16: best with a hangover - I work best with a hangover. Also, Joey Ramone dies.
17: looking especially heterosexual - I get my Mastercard from the Circle Bar and then decide not to go into Jokers.
18: tiny bits of logic in the allgone machine - Another John obsession: making things tiny.
19: FBI at my door - At 7:30am this morning two federal agents arrive while I am in the shower. They have a problem comprehending satire.
20: Is it the same computer? - Is an old computer in a new case still the same computer?
21: curtain rods - John and I also hit a walking-distance Irish pub near Wilshire and 26th in Santa Monica.
22: weekend cubicle slave - Also, John reports on Manhattan Beach.
23: first warm day in months - Really, the weather here in Los Angeles is always a little too cold.
24: another warm day - Also, Californians and their desire not to be seen drying their laundry.
25: just aren't as many people - A springtime beer social on the company veranda underscores troubling dotcom realities.
26: regal Thursday - Attended by my housemate and his sister.
27: first warm day in months - Really, the weather here in Los Angeles is always a little too cold.
28: g-force enabled - I go crazy with Winamp and its plug-ins.
29: a Biography Channel afternoon - In the serotonin-depleted afternoon, there was little I wanted to do more than watch Biography Channel previews on A and E.
30: the earthquakes feel nearly undeniable - Recovering my serotonin levels in the workplace.