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Tuesday, February 11 2003

A lot of what I've been doing for the past few days has been the cleaning and ordering of my laboratory space. I've been building shelves and buying "storage solutions" from such places as Target and Linens & Things. And I've been going through my windrows of stuff, segregating the tiniest of my possessions into little containers (glass jars, steel cans, pruned plastic vodka bottles, etc.), which I then put in the storage solutions. (I used to say "storage solutions" to mock the marketing stuffiness of such terminology, but now I say it and the irony is almost an afterthought.)

I find it amusing (and infuriating) that the Bushies are so eager to cast anything and everything terrorism-related as "fresh new evidence" that Saddam Hussein is the biggest, scariest menace to Western Civilization today. So when a fresh new tape of Osama "Dead or Alive" bin Laden popped up today, Colin Powell explained it as proving yet again, conclusively, that al-Qaida and Saddam are "linked," and not just through Kevin Bacon either. But only later did we learn that the tape, in addition to exhorting Iraqis to dig trenches and launch suicide attacks, features Osama calling Saddam a "socialist" and an "infidel." These are much worse terms than Donny Rumsfield has been using in his ad hominem attacks against the members of the Annex of Evil, France and Germany. One wonders if the policy of broadcast networks not playing complete tapes of Osama bin Laden for fear of "activating sleeper cells" is actually an effort to keep Osama to "the message" currently being promulgated by the administration, whatever that message happens to be. As bad and Orwellian as things are getting, at least there are still ways to find the real story via the Internet, which still seems capable of routing around the censorshit.

Now for a photographic tour of my little annex of evil...

The disco balls above the laboratory floor.

Northwest corner of the laboratory, featuring my guitar and bookshelf.

South end of the laboratory, featuring the door to the rest of the house,
the steps I built, a shelf that obscures a soffit for the headroom above the steps into the garage below,
and some of my art I've hung.

My computer in the northeast corner.

A photo I took in the mirror of the mesh storage solution seen in the preceding photo.

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