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   February 2003

01: without a left wing - The Columbia space shuttle explodes.
02: flock of child counter demonstrators - Official military organization of counter-demonstrators at an anti-war demonstration in Staunton.
03: dismal preview - Our elderly neighbors climb the stairs without the use of a banister.
04: stale soggy snow - It rains on the snow and I cut my hair.
05: infantile condolences - Confused Americans support war and I demonstrate insufficient empathy with my use of the past tense.
06: whimsical laws of physics - Old folks making sense of a graphical user interface.
07: solution is clock radios - Confused Americans support war and I demonstrate insufficient empathy with my use of the past tense.
08: Ellenville, NY - Sad town in a beautiful setting.
09: Rosendale gorge - Also, the Rosendale Café and thoughts about the relationship between gentrification and tempeh ruebens.
10: eyeball rape - A clip show Joe Millionaire but we watch anyway, expecting something, and yet something never comes.
11: Annex of Evil - Another Osama tape surfaces and is given Rovian spin.
12: the structure of artistic tangents - Engaged, but not in a practical way.
13: Orwellian fiddles - People in America buying duct tape.
14: Valentine match - I make a Valentine out of a match.
15: space-age Baroque - Entertaining guests instead of saying no to war.
16: 35th birthday soldering adventure - I do some hardcore digital electronics for the first time since 1994.
17: arbitrary text messages - Successfully interfacing a cash register display to a Windows computer.
18: usual celebratory script - Gretchen gets poetry acceptance letters from the Tampa Review and a Sarah Lawrence poetry publication.
19: less than a single angular degree - Using ten inch lag bolts, I install a post at the top of the stairs and it barely wiggles at all.
20: abandoned train in the Esopus valley - We explore an old dining car and some passenger coaches in an abandoned section of train near Hurley, NY.
21: top of the stairs to you - I finish safety precautions around the previously-unmarked stairwell hole in the attic floor.
22: barred from a vagina party - A consensus of women bars our friend from a pre-birth support celebration.
23: daytime home improvement - Listening the the Home and Garden Network.
24: they depend on the judgement of others - People interested in how their breath smells.
25: hit'n it boys - Stupid things I say when no one is around to hear.
26: mouthful of kerosene - We run out of heating oil and then I need to bleed air out of the fuel line.
27: oil and freedom - Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.
28: rash of two-headed babies - Experimenting with the burning of used motor oil.