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Monday, February 24 2003 [REDACTED]

I spent a good part of my day trying to get the television reception working on my ATI All-in-Wonder video card (I actually have three of these cards, but the one I use most often is a fancy Radeon model that needs its own tiny fan to stay Fonzie-cool). This is the first time I've had television reception on my computer but been forced to attach it to a miserable antenna. (The only cable we have here in this part of Hurley comes via satellite and requires a separate decoding box for each display.) But using rabbit ears, the only channel I can get is a vapid broadcast news channel called RNN. All I want is to be able to watch the Simpsons and Bill Moyers. (Politically, Moyers is one graceful ager.) If I continue along this trajectory, it might be advisable for me to get a small UHF antenna, something more powerful than one of those goofy bow-tie loops.

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