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   oil and freedom
Thursday, February 27 2003
The guy from the oil company finally did arrive today in the late afternoon, around the time I was considering heading out for another ten gallons of kerosene. Fuel oil is now nearly twice what it cost the first time we filled the tank back in mid-November. If we had a much bigger tank, we could decide to buy oil only on those occasions when its price isn't being affected by world events. I'm sure George Bush's buddies in the oil industry are happy with what he's managed to achieve for them so far. His constituents waiting for him to hasten the long-delayed commencement of Armageddon will have to wait a few weeks.
Speaking of Armageddon, I've always found that when I think about the end of the world - really think about it - it brings about a rush in my loins and nasal cavities not unlike the carnal optimism I subconsciously feel with the first solid thaw of springtime. Something about the leveling of all that has been built so that we can begin anew - it's actually more tantalizing than depressing. One doesn't have to be a Christian to feel this way. I think the longing for ultimate destruction is intrinsic to the human condition. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose, and that's why there's something in people that craves losing the world and everything they have in it. It causes some to run up their credit cards with abandon and take risks with whether or not they left the stove on.

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