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Friday, August 4 2006
Gretchen went to Bard College this evening to see a "light opera." She'd bought me tickets but she ought to know by now that I'm no fan of the opera, light or otherwise. Certain forms of art are very much mired in the time from which they hail, and in an age with internet, digital special effects, bass subwoofers, electric guitars, sampling keyboards, and Ecstasy the opera is something of an anachronism. Don't get me wrong, there's a strong audience for opera in the same way there's Pac Man and silent movies continue to have fan bases. It's just not me, and there's no use in pretending it is. In the end Gretchen gave the tickets to someone else and all was well, at least in terms of karma, which neither of us actually believe in.
Instead I mostly continued work on my new database ordering system, which was beset with all sorts of crazy technical issues, particularly as I tried to integrate it with my existing database tool system. Interestingly, though, there was no hurdle that I couldn't figure a way to get over. Some just required a lot more time than others. The trickiest knots to untangle always involved passing data back and forth between javascript windows. In some cases the data I needed on a daughter window didn't exist on the launcher and was impossible to generically generate on the daughter, so I had to figure out a way to generically generate it on the parent in a way that didn't screw up the generic system I was adding it to. This constellation of code is now so large and complicated that adding "just one more thing" to it is becoming increasingly risky. Luckily, though, I'd structured it all in such a way that any damage I inflict is contained and reasonably easy to test for.

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