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Saturday, August 5 2006
The weather is cooler now, enough so that I no longer crave cold showers and excursions to the Esopus. It's good weather for working in the laboratory again, which is good because of my ongoing DHTML project.

A couple years ago Gretchen and I hired a grim team of New Jersey Russians to replace our old ugly pseudo-formica kitchen countertops with gorgeous slabs of Brazilian granite. I'm not one to throw anything away, least of all something as solid as old countertops, so they ended up in the garage, the purgatory of household materials. Today, though, purgatory came to an end for those old countertops. I set up a framework of two by fours in the east end of the shop area of the garage and began installing them. My intention is to install the old sink as well, which will almost certainly lead me to figure out a way to make it operational at some point in the future. Otherwise, though, the sink could serve as storage bins. One can never have enough storage in a garage, particularly this one.

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