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Wednesday, August 30 2006
Tonight Gretchen and I watched the first of the finals series of the WNBA, the American professional women's basketball association. It is, as you might remember, the only sport I have any familiarity with, and this is only because Gretchen is such a wild-eyed fan. Back in the day we used to only care about the New York team, but over time we've become familiar with all 14 teams in the league and our loyalties have shifted. I'm into whatever team Gretchen is into, and for a couple years that team was Detroit, but more recently we've preferred Sacramento. Other teams we like these days are Indiana, and (to a lesser extent), Washington. We dislike Seattle and Connecticut and (as always) hate Los Angeles. The finals placed us in a bit of quandary, since we like both Detroit and Sacramento, the two finalist teams. In the end we decided to root for Sacramento, something I was going to do anyway since I'm more familiar with its players than I am with Detroit's. But it was a little like a political contest where you find yourself voting for the best of best of two virtuous candidates. Does that ever happen? I don't think I'll ever live in that kind of world.

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