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Tuesday, August 22 2006
Progress on the garage/shop project is now measured by large numbers of small achievements, as opposed to a small number of large ones. The drywall is all hung and the joints are all spackled and mostly finished, so now it's down to painting some places, hanging shelves in others, finding ways to utilize accumulated scraps, and disposing of clutter. Today I did what I could to severely decrease the garage's stock of drywall scraps. I got rid of everything narrower than about 20 inches or having a greatest dimension less than about three feet, cutting up the rejects (many of them triangles) into manageable pieces and burying them all in a shallow grave in the woods about 30 feet northeast of the house. By "burying them all in a shallow grave," I mean I put them in a low naturally-occurring hollow in the landscape and piled rocks and brush on top of them. I'll be interested in seeing how they weather over time and what creatures decide to move into the protected spaces among them.

This evening our friend Ray drove up from Brooklyn, mostly on a multi-day errand to have the hubs of his Saab replaced. He drank a beer when he first arrived but quickly moved on to Grey Goose vodka, since vodka is the best form of alcohol given his diabetes. He hung out with me in the shop for awhile as I repaired the botched paint job I'd just given its ceiling. (I'd made the mistake of attempting to use some ancient paint that had clotted to a cottage-cheeselike consistency.) He was wearing a long traditional Indian skirt and telling me how, when he'd traveled in India, he'd mastered the protocol of sitting down without exposing his balls. Ray also told me about a porn star whose trademark behavior during cum shots was to cum on whatever was odd or deformed about his costar, be it her big nose, her lopsided breasts, or a club foot. We'd been joking about how sexy JonBenet Ramsey had been back in the day, and I wondered what part of JonBenet this porn star would have cum on had he gotten the opportunity to shoot a porn movie with her. "Her makeup," Ray quickly decided.

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