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   serene rainy day
Thursday, August 1 2013
Today was a serene day, with an unexpected series of showers outside and me catching up on the latest work of Dr. Steve Brule inside. Since I'd last checked in on this John C. Reilly character, he'd left the Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job and started a new show entitled Check It Out!. It's modeled on ultra low-budget community television, though it includes segments (such as dream sequences) that would never air on an actual television channel. Occasionally it feels like Borat-style trolling, though it tends to be a bit more Dadaist and, if you can imagine it, wantonly absurd. I don't think the segments are quite as good as the classic segments from the Tim & Eric show, but they're definitely entertaining.
I took advantage of all the rain to once again drain the rain barrel near the northwest corner of the house and allow it to refill, thereby (hopefully) conclusively ending the problem of funky water once and for all. Once it had refilled, I not only smelled the water (it had no smell), but I tasted it as well. It was good, in fact it was better-tasting than our household well water (which usually is not too bad). [REDACTED]

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