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Wednesday, August 28 2013
We'll be renting another cabin in the Adirondacks soon. This time the cabin will be not be on a lake but on the Sacandaga River instead. And since the cabin comes with no boats, we'll have to bring our own. We've had two kayaks that we bought from Deborah about a year ago but have never used. When I first got them, I was able to transport them with no special hardware using the roof rack on the Subaru. But to get them to the Adirondacks, I figured I'd need a more solid attachment system.
So today I met Gretchen at Kenco (at the junction of Hurley Mountain Road and Route 28) and looked at various roof hardware. Everything at Kenco is more expensive than it would be in the online places I normally haunt, so I went for the cheaper of the various roof systems. Instead of buying two sets of racks to hold the kayaks along both sides of the roof of the car, I bought a single pair of masts that rise up from the dorsal center of the roof. Kayaks can lie on both sides of these masts, and it only costs $150 versus $200 for two pairs of the edge-of-the-roof racks.
While I was working all that out, Gretchen was down in the women's clothing section trying on shirts, pants, and dresses. They have everything at Kenco, and for some reason a lot of it happened to be on sale. Earlier today I'd realized that I needed a new pair of short pants, so I looked around, found something I liked, and threw it on the pile. The main thing I liked about it was that it had an elastic waistband. I'm tired of buttons that fail (thanks Kuhl!) and zippers that can't stay up (thanks, pair of long khaki shorts which Ray gave me back in 2008). So, at least for casual around-the-house use, I decided to go for pure comfort. Nevertheless, when Gretchen heard me say that an elastic waistband was the selling point, she asked in dismay, "Really? Has it come to that?"
Somehow we ended up spending something like $270. In terms of being a wallet-vortex, Kenco is almost as bad as Bed, Bad & Beyond.

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