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Tuesday, August 20 2013
Early this morning I awoke in the greenhouse upstairs (where I often sleep at least for parts of the night) and walked up the steps to the house. There was an uncomfortable pain near the base of the center toe of my right foot that I initially thought was a resurgence of athlete's foot (something I'm never more than a few months away from an attack of). I went to look at it, though, and the painful area was clearly an infection resulting from some object jammed into my foot, probably something I stepped on or accidentally kicked into during one of my many barefoot hikes in the Adirondacks. I tried picking the wound apart using various tools, including a dental pick and a pair of cuticle scissors, but whatever was in there was in there so deep it couldn't be extracted. This wouldn't be the first time I've had inextricable objects stuck in my foot; eventually they work their way out. But in the meantime I found myself walking around with a bit of a limp.
This evening I took a bath and dripped the extremely hot solar-heated water onto the problematic part of my foot. I've found painfully hot water to be a miracle cure for all the problems that have afflicted my feet.

All the salad greens in our refrigerator rotted away while we were in the Adirondacks (Eulayla evidently had no interest in them), but Gretchen nevertheless felt it important for us to have greens in our dinner tonight. So she harvested a bunch of kale (the garden was another food source Eulayla seemed to ignore) and made a sort of "shaag" "paneer" using kale instead of spinach and cubed tofu instead of cheese. Though Gretchen cooked the hell out of it, the kale was a little tough for this particular substitution. But that might have been a good thing; I usually find Indian-styled spinach goopy and insipid.

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