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   pain deep in my finger
Sunday, October 20 2013
Gretchen spent the day working at Thanksliving, a yearly vegan festival held over at the farm animal sanctuary in Woodstock. At some point, though, she got to read some of her poetry, and in so doing learned that she had a number of fans in the audience, including a UPS driver.
Meanwhile I took some pseudoephedrine and continued work on the Lightroom plugin, occasionally taking breaks to go down to the greenhouse basement and spray the still-curing Portland cement (which must not be allowed to dry out before it cures).
A week or more ago I'd injured the cuticle of my left middle finger while using my bare hands to clear dirt out of the ditch I was digging to bury the electrical wire I was running from the woodshed to the White Pine about 20 feet to the northeast. I had expected that finger to have healed by now, but it's been consistently painful since that time. It's painful enough that I cannot really use it for typing (fortunately, my typing style allows other fingers to temporarily take over its role). Today I realized that I was dealing with an infection. In the past such infections were easily dispatched. All I had to do was lightly press the blade of a small screwdriver into seam between the nail and the soft tissue and a bunch of pus would come out and then all would be well. Unfortunately for me, the infection this time is too deep to be drained this way, not that I didn't try. I even poked and pricked it with a dental pick, all to no avail. So this afternoon I tried something I haven't had to do in years: I soaked the finger in a hot saline solution. This was very painful, and repeatedly so (I had to dip the finger multiple times, as the water was too hot for me to just leave it in there). But in the end, my finger felt better (at least for a little while. Unfortunately, though, there was no evidence of anything disgusting draining out of it.

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