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Monday, October 28 2013
In the course of going back and forth between further excavating the western half of the greenhouse basement and researching and implementing various components of the second iteration of this Lightroom plugin, I managed to get the plugin to generate a bunch of thumbnails and FTP them to a server. That was a big breakthrough and of course I rewarded myself by permitting myself yet more greenhouse excavation. It occasionally happens that the sort of obsession I currently have for breaking up bedrock and carrying it away in buckets fixes itself on a programming project, but that has yet to happen with this series of Lightroom plugins.
This evening Gretchen and I boiled up a pot of the fancy pasta and made a red sauce for it. The pasta was so fancy that Gretchen tried some of it with just vegan butter (Earth Balance), but in the end she had to concede that there are few combinations as delicious as red sauce and pasta.

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