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   wet food and antibiotics
Tuesday, October 22 2013
I'd stayed up late working on the Lightroom plugin, partly because there would be a meeting on Wednesday, and also partly because it's just easiest to work late at night so long as I haven't been drinking (and I never drink on Mondays or Tuesdays). I continued that work throughout the day, pausing occasionally to feed the fire in the woodstove. It was coldish, cloudy day, and a fire was absolutely necessary.
Because Gretchen didn't want to leave the house, this afternoon I went on a brief excursion to get 24 cans of wet food and a bottle of liquid antibiotics, both for Marie (aka "the Baby"). We'd recently learned that the Baby has a raging urinary tract infection (in addition to a probable malignant mass), and (as part of our policy of keeping her comfortable on the downhill slope), we've elected to treat it.

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