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Monday, July 8 2019
Robert and Jorge spent the day back at the house with Gretchen while I worked my usual Monday. At some point Neville alerted everyone to the presence of a bear, which, by the time Gretchen and Robert saw him (the bear had big balls), he was up a tree in that thin strip of woods between our yard and the Farm Road. Jorge was sleeping at the time and missed the whole thing, but Robert managed to shoot some video with his iPhone.
By the time I got home, Gretchen was making an elaborate lasagna featuring tofu faux-ricotta and cauliflower (but no mushrooms, because Jorge doesn't like them). Gretchen also made a salad with fresh lettuce from the garden and cooked up a pot of garden kale. While the lasagna baked in the oven, Jorge did the first half of cutting Gretchen's hair. While that was happening, Gretchen asked me to put on some music, but didn't say what. When she didn't like Grime's "We Appreciate Power," she made a specific request: Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life. Though Gretchen's haircut would only be a light trim, it somehow took over an hour. I think the skill of a good stylist is making it so that nobody can tell that a haircut just happened. This was confirmed by the fact that, though Jorge had cut a rather large amount of hair from my head, nobody at work had made any comments about it.
At 8:00pm, Robert and Jorge started their drive back to Manhattan. Meanwhile, I was having fun with my speakerbot, making it play various canned noises as listed on its web page. My favorite was the crow, which sounded like maybe it had been recorded by a human impersonator. I tried to implement a system for recording and uploading audio files from that same web page, but so far I haven't been able to get it to work. Happily, the problem the speakerbot had been having with spurious noise in its audio output seems to have fixed itself.

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