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Wednesday, July 17 2019
After being tipped off about it in, for the past two days I've been listening to the first (and only) season of the podcast The Dream, which focuses on the sad and desperate world of multilevel marketing. Not only does joining an MLM downline hollow out your soul and commodify all your social interactions, but in 99% of case, it will yield you less money than you spend on it. It actually makes more sense to play the lottery. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but this is yet another form of entertainment that I've been consuming mostly because it confirms my opinion that the position I've arrived at in life is a good one and that my life could be much much worse. (Such gloat-listening was especially important six months ago when I really wasn't liking this job.) Listening to MLM horror stories scratches the same itch that is scratched by listening to insane debt stories on Dave Ramsey's YouTube channel, learning about true crime dumbasses who were never close to getting away with it, or even listening to video-savvy web developers patiently explaining to newbies how exactly to go about getting their first junior software development job (though hearing the phrase "HTML, CSS, and Javascript" quickly gets tiresome).
That podcast is a good match for the work I've been doing, which is my favorite kind: dealing with an edge case encountered by an app that I built. A few bugs were uncovered yesterday, but eventually I determined that the main problem was garbage input files. Garbage in, garbage out. I took the opportunity to add some code to detect this situation and present it as a warning to the user.
There was also a series of decisions made today by the web development team (which I'm not really on any more) on this other project that I've been working on. It was nice to finally know how to proceed, but this also means I have one less reason to procrastinate. It being Wednesday, Ramona was present at the meeting, and she was unusually well-behaved. Ramona really is a very good dog. Today, for example, as I walked her around the parking area (offleash as usual), she mostly kept to the grass, and the one time she went to cross the street, she immediately came back when I told her she couldn't do that.
The day had started out sunny, but by the drive home the sky had clouded over and a light rain was falling. It would end up raining almost all night, coming down heavy at time. I had enough confidence in the weatherproofing on my speakerbot (I've caulked all the seams) that I left it out in the driveway, where I've been giving it some near-range off-grid testing, occasionally making it produce a sound effect. I've yet to test the range of the Yagi antenna by placing it in the forest.

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