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   July 2019

01: preferring to buy from robots - The least-judgmental cashiers.
02: fallen crown - Another dental problem comes from eating french bread.
03: fecal sieve - Searching additional places where my fallen crown might've ended up.
04: a pea-sized object the color of a pearl - That sieving of my feces made for a good story even if produced no crown.
05: long tunnels of wasted time - More fun with Raspberry Pi Zero networking.
06: a source of many compliments from passing pedestrians - One of our tenants has done great things with her front yard.
07: professional haircut - Unusual things can happen when a professional hairdresser spends the night.
08: real haircuts take awhile - Gretchen's brackets a lasagna meal.
09: much of their mental energy on grievances - More trouble with the neighbors of one of our rental units.
10: diphenhydramine is not a good socializing drug - It makes the conversations of your friends sound trite.
11: beta capsule - A 45 year old memory proves valid.
12: turtle on the road to a repaired mouth - The installation of two crowns and growing irritation with Google.
13: incident at Middle Deep - Ramona mostly behaves herself, but a different kind of altercation happens.
14: something a bit squirrely happening - The way it always is at the Brewster Street house.
15: ICE has always been bad - At least according to two different Javiers.
16: unhackable latch - Or that's how it seemed in the hot hobbit hallway.
17: HTML, CSS, and Javascript - Cringe-listening to podcasts.
18: don't need no stainless steel hoses - Another thing to watch out for when buying at Best Buy.
19: some gin to the road kombucha - A way to deal with exhausting housesitters at the end of a work week.
20: America! - A kiosk selling Trumpian schwag in the Newark Airport.
21: napping in Kiel - The harbor city where our Baltic cruise would begin.
22: boarding the Vasco da Gama - Beginning a cruise with some very bad WiFi.
23: Sassnitz - The German island town. Also, mesmerized by an on-ship musical production.
24: Gdansk - The city was cuter than we expected.
25: Riga - The place where Art Noveau can be seen evolving into Art Decco.
26: Tallinn - Its highest-ranked vegan restaurant is mobbed when a vegan cruise ship docks in the harbor.
27: St. Petersburg Canals - It really is the Venice of Russia.
28: impressive, but in poor taste - The palaces in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.
29: Helsinki - Not a great city name, it turns out, for use in composing a limerick.
30: Stockholm - Getting a little sick of being a tourist, but the buffet at Hermans was good.
31: sea day in the Baltic Sea - The last full day of our vegan Baltic cruise.