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   ICE has always been bad
Monday, July 15 2019
While I was at work today, Gretchen took a load of trash and recycling to the Hurley transfer station. There's a guy there named Javier with whom she practices her Spanish. Today she asked him how it is in the Hispanic community with Donald Trump's ICE acting like a bunch of brownshirts. He told her that it's really not very different from the Obama or Bush administration. ICE has always been a bane on his community. Later Gretchen asked the same question of another Javier, the Columbian she pays to give her Spanish lessons, when he came over for their weekly session. He said pretty much the same thing. He said the only time he'd ever been pulled over for "driving while brown" was under the George W. Bush regime, back when the conventional Republican view was that businesses in America need the cheap labor only undocumented immigrants can provide.
There seems to be a new phoebe nest above the outdoor light between the garage doors, in the same ill-fated location as the tragic phoebes in Gretchen's poem "Phoebe Fledges." One or the other phoebe spend much of his or her time on the basketball goal across the parking area. Under that basket is an ever-accumulating layer of phoebe guano. Today the phoebes seemed a bit confused by the now-open southmost garage door (both had been closed until Gretchen opened them to get crap out of the garage for today's dump run). I saw one of the phoebes actually in the garage bitching about something. Normally we leave the garage doors open in the warm weather, but we've kept the shut lately to keep cats, dogs, bears, and racoons from getting into a stockpile of cat food. Indeed, we've kept those garage doors closed so far into summer that it's been about ten degrees cooler in there than it's been outside. The garage is insulated, you see, and sits on a thick concrete slab (a large thermal mass).

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