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   diphenhydramine is not a good socializing drug
Wednesday, July 10 2019
As I drove to work this morning, I saw a mother deer crossing Middle Road, followed shortly by her fawn. Was that the same deer I'd frightened yesterday? But then came a second fawn. The deer I'd seen yesterday a mile and a half away had had only one, so this was almost certainly a different deer. At the time, Ramona was in the car with me, sitting in the front passenger seat. She was only mildly interested in the deer and the fawns. Evidently experience has taught her that deer are too fast to serve as prey animals.
This morning Gretchen sent me a message telling me to call her, that she had juicy news about the obnoxious neighbor situation described yesterday. So I took Ramona out onto the porch of the building where my office is and called her. The news was this: in a conversation with the building inspector, Gretchen had revealed that the neighbor's shed, the one that our fence had been leaning on, was new. This caused the building inspector to look it up in the records, whereupon it was learned that it had been installed without a building permit. Additionally, there is a prohibition on any new structures being placed within six feet of a boundary. Those fuckers though they were going to fuck us using the building inspector but are going to end up being fucked instead. Nice going, assholes! This news was the highlight on my day, and a text-only post to Facebook about it managed to get over sixty reactions (that's a lot for me).
As Gretchen was telling me this, a frail old lady parked her car, went into the building, and later came out. Ramona took an interest in her, but I had to keep my dog away; Ramona's exuberant friendliness and the tissue-paper skin of the elderly are not a good match.
This evening I took a large 100 mg dose of diphenhydramine before Gretchen had even returned from her bookstore shift. When she arrived, she had a delicious falafel sandwich for me from our falafel-making friends, who set up in Woodstock every Wednesday. Gretchen said Eva and Sandor would be coming over soon so that we could witness Eva's living will. I wanted to show them my speakerbot, so I hurriedly added a bunch of new features to the controlling web page. In less than an hour, I implemented an AJAX-based audio playing system and sortable headers for the list of sound effects (allowing them to be sorted by size, date modified, and sound name). This made it much easier to play sound effects quickly in succession, abort long-playing sounds, and keep spurious sound effects from playing whenever the sound-playing webpage with a sound file's name as a GET parameter in its URL reloaded (something, I've learned, that can happen without any human interaction in the middle of the night). By the time Sandor and Eva arrived, I was definitely feeling the effects of the diphenhydramine. It's not a good drug to be on while socializing because it made everything everyone said sound trite or otherwise deeply uninteresting.

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