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   Thursday beer and pizza
Thursday, June 3 2021
Six months ago, I had a dental cleaning during the height of the pandemic. The woman who did it is the one who always remarks on how good my teeth look; she'd said that whatever routine I use with regard to my teeth had been working. As always, the dentist set me up with another cleaning appointment six months later, one I usually cancel. But this time Gretchen got the message on our machine reminding me of the date (they were actually asking to change it by a day) and she thought I should go to the appointment, if only to have a different dental hygienist. So today I took a few hours off work to get my teeth professionally cleaned only six months after having gone through this back in December. I've had this particular hygienist before. She always goes in aggressively, fills my mouth with blood, and sternly warns me about the need to floss. This time, though, I offered that I'd been using a water pick (which I do). She asked if I use it every day, and I admitted that I do not. She told me I have to use it every day, and that my gums have started separating from my teeth, something she told me was happening several years ago when I'd last had her as my hygienist, something that had caused me to buy a water pick.
On the drive home, I stopped at the Hurley Ridge market to buy four pizza crusts, pizza sauce, and a few other things that can go into a pizza, and I got a six pack of Juice Bomb IPA. (I had a vision of Powerful and me having pizza and perhaps beer tonight.) I also stopped by Barnyard feeds to buy 24 cans of wetfood for cats. (The enormous lurch who works there was not wearing a mask, and neither was the much more conventionally-sized man talking to him.)
This evening, Powerful helped me chop vegetables and I fried them up with some vegan bacon. I also fried up some vegan hamburger-type crumbles. We each made our own pizzas and ate them out on the east deck with our Juice Bombs while occasional tiny drops of rain fell from the a troubled sky. I told Powerful that pizzas on pre-made crusts is one of the things I routinely eat when Gretchen is away, since I was pretty sure she would find the crusts "trashy" and the sauce somehow unsatisfactory. Truth be told, the crusts we used tonight (Mama Mary's) were not very good. Furthermore, I'd made the mistake of using some old shredded vegan cheese that a mold had started growing on, which made it taste exactly like blue cheese.

photos from walking the dogs early this morning

A red eft with Ramona in the background on the Farm Road. Click to enlarge.

A snail on the Farm Road. Click to enlarge.

Ramona and Neville passing a large patch of hay-scented fern along the Farm Road. Click to enlarge.

Wet blueberries near the abandoned go-cart tracks. Click to enlarge.

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