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Friday, June 18 2021
In the remote workplace today, I figured out how to add another feature to the data importing system I've inherited from the Ukranians. They had a system for importing SQL text files into which database names could be automatically inserted. To that same code, I added a way for SQL include files to be inserted using similar tags. To get that working, I had to figure a couple things out, and it felt like notable progress.
So at 4:00pm, I snuck out by myself (with no dogs) in the Chevy Bolt, not wanting to disturb Gretchen down in her screened-in porch. I drove out to Home Depot to buy two more deck rail planters and some garden soil. I made that entire purchase without wearing any mask, the first such mask-free retail experience in well over a year. I then continued to the Hannaford on 9W, where I redeemed $0.40 worth of deposit for beer cans and then bought mostly fava beans and shelf-stable packets of Indian food. Again, I did my shopping mask-free, as about half the other shoppers were.

Back at the house, Neville heard something in the woods and ran out the way he does, all snorty and belligerent. But it was just Frieda the Friendly Deer, and when he saw it was her, he immediately relaxed and calmed down, as if he'd heard a suspicious noise only to discover it had been made by Oscar the Cat. I don't know how Frieda successfully insinuated herself into our household as one of its members, but it demonstrates a skill I had never expected a deer to have. It makes you wonder what other talents the wild animals around our yard might be equipped with.
Later this evening as some ingested cannabis began to kick in, I had went down to the greenhouse upstairs for some me time. I sort of forget how fun it is to lie around down there with a tall beer and a laptop whose audio is going through a good bluetooth speaker. I've been watching a lot of the Real World Police channel, which features lightly edited (or unedited) clips of police body cams, which have evidently become a lot more common lately, perhaps in response to all the cellphone recordings of police abuse of Black people. With so many body cams out there, it's no surprise that they're occasionally recording amazing footage. A good introduction to Real World Police is the case of Keith Ingersoll, a Rolls-Royce-driving real estate mogul (in Florida, of course) with the kind of entitlement that is delightful to watch flounder.

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