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   physical fallout from the long dog walk
Sunday, June 20 2021 [REDACTED]

I feeling a little off my feed today, probably because of that unexpected dog walk I took yesterday. Whenever I moved it, I notice a slight ache in the socket joint where my left femur attaches to my hip. That hip had been bothering me a little even when I didn't move it some years back, some problem it must've slowly recovered from. Evidently it didn't like what happened yesterday. I also had a persistent and unexpected case of diarrhea, which probably aggravated my lingering dehydration. If I'd succumbed to my thirst and drank water from Englishman's Creek, that would completely explain the diarrhea. But I'd been able to resist the temptation.
I was, however, able to do a couple loads of laundry. This included the bedsheets and pillow cases (which I'd sweated into one too many times last night) and tall the clothes airing out on the stairwell rail outside the bedroom. In this warm weather, those clothes had been radiating a slightly gamey smell that was making the entrance to the upstairs a bit less pleasant than it had to be.
There had been plans to have Sandor and Eva over for a dinner party tonight, but then Sandor canceled and then Eva decided just to meet Gretchen at the Garden Café. Lucky for me, there was still a pre-made dinner of tofu, cabbage, cucumber, and pasta with peanut sauce that Gretchen had bought last weekend at the Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany. I ate it in bed while watching a very long car chase on Real World Police. I'd taken my usual knock-out dose of diphenhydramine, which eventually kicked in.

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