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Monday, June 5 2023

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

When my colleague Lou asked if I'd imaged his Amazon Workspace over the weekend (since it's something that has to be done after hours), I told him that I hadn't, that things had gotten crazy and I'd thought it best not to attempt that while under the effects of magic mushrooms. Only later did I realize that Dr. Dan was in the standup. Unlike the others on my team, one of whom is pretty open about his or her drug use, he's management and I don't really know him. He seems square to me, like maybe he wouldn't approve. But taking psychedelics is almost mainstream at this point, so perhaps it was good to do my part to normalize it.
This evening after work, I immediately tried to take a bath. But the solar-heated water wasn't very warm, suggesting that either it was very cloudy while I was in Virginia or the solar hydronic system is on the fritz. I managed to run the water slow enough to get hot water from the just-in-time electric heater, but what a pain!

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