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   June 2023

01: Don doesn't understand obtrusive advertising - My brother assumes ads should be understood literally, even when it's clearly a manipulation. Also, a fairly good time driving around with my mother.
02: it renders its driver temporarily car-less - Designing landscapes for people with electric cars requires more attention to pedestrian needs.
03: magic mushroom tax - The afternoon turns into a festive evening of wine, Indian food, the burning of a Christmas tree, and psychedelic mushrooms.
04: worst burrito ever - On a 12-hour electric-powered road trip, I make the mistake of ordering food at a Wawa.
05: do my part to normalize - Casually talking about my magic mushroom use in the remote workplace.
06: fury of a NIMBY crowd - Smoke from Canada and attending a meeting about the comprehensive plan at the Hurley Town Hall.
07: Grenzach-Wyhlen Germany and the Sudetenland - Going down another ancestry-related rabbit hole.
08: Indictmas continues - I'm at the cabin when I learn that Trump has been indicted for mishandling classified documents.
09: an Adirondack coyote experience for Neville - It was as if he came by and called for Neville to come out and play.
10: Parker's Posies - Getting more plants for the cabin in nearby Johnstown.
11: parking on Lark Street - After a day enjoying the lake and working in the dirt, we stop in Albany for Indian food on the drive back from the cabin.
12: above the mineface - Where all the best bluestone can be found.
13: sitting tall in Raymour and Flanigan - It's not just a dated advertising campaign, it's a furniture store.
14: painting of a hallucination - Little colored dots in the shape of a human.
15: very sub-standard packing - A pole saw for the cabin can't reach as far as it should.
16: a sixth season of Black Mirror - And downloading it across a slow cellular connection.
17: an excuse to remove the few women played - A classic rock station decides to celebrate father's day by only playing men, which isn't too different from their usual format.
18: a 20 GB limit - Too much watching of video at the cabin.
19: no interest in the wet food they're begging for - The cats are now impossible to please. Also, a stone wall repair and a small failure of a wisdom tooth.
20: landlording: a disintegrated outlet and a cut-down tree of heaven - Also, the problems with the fool-proof toolkit I carry in the Subaru Forester.
21: morphing into a show about monsters - Black Mirror continues to jump the shark.
22: framing the core joke - I find a great use for ChatGPT and take some nice fresh bluestone to the Adirondack cabin.
23: too much manual file manipulation for my mental health - A surprisingly solid remote workday at the cabin.
24: the perils for efts on a rainy driveway - The death toll today was at least three. Also, doing basement wiring while watching streaming coverage of an aborted putsch in Russia.
25: an indulgence as trivial as icecream - Gretchen tells me about how a party ended up being a brutal hard-sell, which put her in a foul mood for later watching a friend eat dairy icecream.
26: lettuce threatening to go bad - Combining the lettuce from a garden and two house makes for a distinct oversupply.
27: something so ugly to a non-hooptie - Getting the fourth load of woody debris from the Downs Street rental.
28: my own private Spelling Bee - Nearly achieving the dream of a completely detached New York Times Spelling Bee.
29: lopsiding cleaning jihad - Unusually, it's mostly done by Gretchen this time.
30: the leafy streets of Rochester, NY - So much more appealing than the grim architectural chaos of Syracuse.