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Wednesday, June 21 2023
After attending a college graduation at the Shawangunk prison, Gretchen returned home and charged the Bolt for a couple hours before leaving with the dogs for the cabin, since she had no other plans for the week. By then it was late in the day, so I cracked open a beer.
Later I drove out to the Downs Street mansion to carry away more debris. Since one of the tenants had said she has a friend who might have a use for some of the firewood, I concentrated on carrying away useless little branches (mostly with dried sugar maple leaves on them) that took up a lot of space but compressed down nicely in the back of the Forester. There had been three piles of debris in the backyard of the mansion, and after what I took today, there were only two, and most of what remained was usable firewood. When I got back home, I dumped all the debris in a disposal site I've used for years in the "meadow" just west of our driveway about 30 feet from Dug Hill Road. (The debris quickly rots away on the swampy soil in that location.)

This evening I watched "Demon 79," the last episode of the sixth season of Black Mirror. It was yet another episode that strayed away from the portrayal of a semi-plausible tech dystopia towards something much more supernatural (and, for me, decidedly less interesting). If Black Mirror morphs into a show about ghosts and goblins, I'll be sad.

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