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Tuesday, June 27 2023
At the end of the workday, I headed out to run a few errands. The first was to PetSmart near the Walmart on 9W, where all I needed was some extremely bitter spritz to spray on the hotspot on Lester's left wrist, which had healed up nicely but which he is licking (and inflaming) again. Next I went to Lowes, mostly to get electrical supplies for the cabin's basement. I just needed a little more 12-2 romex cable, which has become very expensive and is now kept on locked shelves in big box stores. When I asked the Lowes guy for 100 feet of it (for about $100), he pointed out that I could get 250 feet for only $20 more. So I went with that, since (as someone responsible for the physical systems of now five separate houses) I'm always needing romex. In addition to various electrical boxes, I also bought two LED bulbs, each with the brightness equivalent of 150 watt incandescent bulbs, which will further improve digging conditions under the east decks at the cabin.
Then I returned to the brick mansion on Downs Street to carry away yet more woody debris. This time I'd brought my small battery-powered chainsaw (which is more reliable for pruning tasks) and a handtruck to help me move big pieces of tree-of-heaven trunk. Today I focused on removing the last of the brushy/twiggy/branchy material, which was a rather nasty job since it was wet and had been against the damp ground for weeks. This included semi-composted leafy branches that had become rather slimy, and stuffing this material loose into the back of my poor Forester made me sad. A young woman walked by as I was stuffing some of the last I could fit into my car, and she did a double take to see someone doing something so ugly to a vehicle that was not exactly a hooptie. I managed to also take two big chunks of trunk (one of which I placed in the passenger seat). Since I'd used up all the Forester's interior payload, I was forced to strap the handtruck to the roof rack.
Back home, Gretchen was making some sort of Thai-adjacent noodle dish with mushrooms, tofu, and spinach. She was disappointed in the results, but I thought it was pretty good.
After dinner, I unloaded the Forester and then took another bath in an effort to wash away all the grime. While I was getting out of the bathtub, a thunderstorm was raging outside and a stroke of lightning hit just west of the house. It must've hit something very close because the lightning and thunder arrived at just about the same instant.

Driving out to run errands today, a mile and a half from home heading north on Hurley Mountain Road. Click to enlarge.

Heading north on US 209 between Route 28 and Sawkill Road. Click to enlarge.

Catskills and clouds west of the old Gander Mountain in the Lowes parking lot near 9W North. Click to enlarge.

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