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Thursday, March 1 2001
Suddenly today the clouds cleared from the sky and yet again Southern California was a beautifully warm, sunny place. March had come in, not so much like a lamb, but like the Renaissance.

Delayed as I was by sleep and a few parting personal rituals with Gretchen, I made it into work at 10:00am. At 11:00 there was a big scary meeting in the main office building with two of the top executives to discuss methods of possibly pushing up an already unrealistic deadline. The life of the company is at stake and all that. Whatever, I was getting laid tonight.

I came home and tried to make up for sleep deprivation by taking a nap but Gretchen came home before I ever managed to fall asleep.

Afterwards we were completely exhausted but not really satisfied, and we talked for a time about Gretchen's love life across the 12 years of "wilderness." There were lots of little dalliances, but standing out were three individuals. There was a Robby back in the early 90s, then there was the guy named Adam whom she met when she worked on an organic farm in California. Finally there was Barbara, the tattooed, working-class girl from Pittsburgh whom Gretchen met when she was working as a union organizer in Milwaukee. That last one persisted for four and a half years and ended in November in such a way that left Gretchen devastated. She couldn't eat for days, and then we she started eating again, she could only handle certain specific foods. Her parents, who had been very unsupportive of her lesbian relationship to an uneducated shiksa, were suddenly by her side to nurse her back to happiness. [REDACTED]

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