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   March 2001

01: in like the Renaissance - We finally get down to the business.
02: embrace your past - Introducing Gretchen to Bathtubgirl, Linda and Julian
03: a moment in Prizzis - Gretchen and I enjoy pasta and a fine bottle of wine in a Hollywood restaurant.
04: brunch in Palos Verdes - I attend a brunch hosted by Gretchen's aunt.
05: Sweet Thursday returns - Gretchen gives me a copy of this book she once gave me over 12 years ago.
06: departure turbulence - Gretchen reacts to my journal entries, we make up and then she flies back to New York.
07: so many carrots, so little time - Complaining about work and the food my housemate cooks me.
08: mothersmell - I like the way Gretchen smells; it isn't like my mother.
09: fumble in Lush - John and Fernando fumble a seduction at Lush in Santa Monica.
10: a floozier Gretchen - I meet a knew girl named Gretchen and she offers to move in with me after I woo her with my karaoke prowess, singing Sweet Child o' Mine.
11: hot and acidic as I gave birth - I have a gas problem while socializing.
12: itchy garlic feet - I try to deal with athlete's foot naturally.
13: just isn't as satisfying - Socializing is kind of dull when all I want to do is hang out with Gretchen.
14: program all day - I work my ass off.
15: program all day - A blimp passes overhead.
16: schteves of Pasadena - It's best to just avoid Fernando's parties.
17: community of Aquarius - St. Patrick's Day at Bathtubgirl Central, Downtown LA and Park La Brea.
18: perfectly good reason - I port my message board system to the UK site.
19: internationalist fantasies - Dinner with an ecstatic UK CTO.
20: workaholica - I put in a day that stretches from before 6 am until 9pm.
21: Microsoft carriage return insertion issue - Deadline day at work.
22: first time I'd left - Finally I leave Los Angeles County.
23: no sex 'til Brooklyn - I arrive at Gretchen's brownstone in Brooklyn. Later we share an extremely romantic dinner in Manhattan.
24: boyfriend show and tell - Gretchen shows me off to her intellectual and mostly Jewish friends, largely from Oberlin.
25: Bat Boy - A not especially good musical puts me to sleep.
26: ancestors, 2001 - Gretch and I visit my parents in Staunton, Virginia.
27: Millers and Mudhouse, 2001 - Gretch and I go to Charlottesville.
28: Adams Morgan - Gretch and I have sex in the Tryst coffee shop.
29: book and antique stores of Columbia - Gretchen's father treats us to some culture.
30: New Paltz, 2001 - Gretch and I visit our college chum Kristin Masson.
31: no indigenous burrito cuisine - Gretch and I patch things up, return to New York and take ecstasy.