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Sunday, March 18 2001
I rode my bicycle home from Bathtubgirl Central this morning at around 9am, picking the long, leisurely route up Abbott Kinney to Main and thence eastward down Colorado. It was a perfectly gorgeous day and I had no reason to hurry.
I slept until noon and then went to work even though it was a Sunday. I had a perfectly good reason for doing so.
The project for today was porting over my discussion board system to the UK site, mostly changing the front end look & feel and integrating the site-wide navigation and login system. I worked on it for a good eight hours solid and made a little more than twice the progress I expected. The main reason things went so quickly was that I'd completely architected the message board system myself and the architecture of the UK site is based on essentially the same conventions, using many of the same libraries and the same function-based programming style.

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