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   itchy garlic feet
Monday, March 12 2001
I've been suffering from athlete's foot now for about a year. I remember it being especially bad for the month when Bathtubgirl and I were living on a couch at Corynna and Evan's place. Clean laundry was in tight supply and I think I only had a couple pair of socks to cycle through.
Recently I attempted a radical and thoroughly holistic solution to my foot fungi. I sprinkled garlic powder into my shoes.
Now, wherever I go, if I sit still long enough, the unmistakable fragrance of garlic fills the air. I wonder what my co-workers think.

I've been listening a lot to the latest album by Guided by Voices (the band that can do no wrong). The album is called Isolation Drills and it hasn't even been released yet, but what with Napster and the de facto freedom of information it wasn't difficult to obtain prematurely. At first I was sort of put off by the unexpected blues quality to much of the guitar, but it's really grown on me. Happily, a lot of the songs seem to directly address my reunion with Gretchen, particularly "Unspirited" and, to a lesser degree, my favorite, "Skills Like This." Then of course there's "Run Wild," with lyrics I'd just as soon take as advice for living:

Think of a no-parking zone
Where armored cars keep the secret.
Every heart seeks inspiration.
It is full to maximum capacity.

Leave your things in the street
And run wild.
And run wild.
And run wild.

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