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Tuesday, March 13 2001
All day long I was plagued by a dreadful runny nose and occasional powerful sneezes. Some of these sneezes were so powerful they unleashed painful cramps in my neck. I found it was a lot easier to just wring my nose out onto the carpet than to trifle with snot rags.
In the evening I went out with Linda to meet up with Kolja and Julian and several of Kolja's friends down at the Waterfront Café in Venice. It was sort of like one of those old Community Team reunions, except Linda, Kolja and I were the only Community people present. I did my best to enjoy my socializing, but in all honesty I found it sort of a dull outing. Hanging out with my Los Angeles friends just isn't as satisfying after having spent quality time with my long lost love Gretchen.
I believe I said similar things once about Bathtubgirl during the honeymoon phase of our relationship, but the feelings I had then weren't quite this intense.

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