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Wednesday, March 7 2001
This project I'm working on at work is a classic dot com death march. The deadlines are dictated from on high and completely unrealistic, and many of the things I require to do my job with this "new architecture" haven't been adequately considered and can only be provided by a very small staff. Very little of what I'm building has any application outside of this particular project. It's depressing on almost every level. The only thing that gives me any joy in all of this is the fact that I've scheduled my vacation for the end of March, and it's coming no matter what becomes of this project.
I'm going to New York City on March 23rd and staying until April Fool's Day. If you live in New York and want to hang out with me, this can be arranged, but otherwise I'll be spending quality time with Gretchen, her cats and her dog and all the friends she wants to introduce me to.

In the evening John prepared a dinner for Fernando and me. It was nicely seasoned but unfortunately it was so chock full of cooked carrots I found myself choking it down unhappily. I have never liked cooked carrots, although I can tolerate them in reasonably low concentrations. But who was I to complain? I never cook anything for John.

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