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Monday, November 19 2001

When I'm walking Sally the dog in the woods of Prospect Park, I never use a bag to scoop up her shit. I use a different technique, one that offers the forest nutrients while keeping the paths unsullied. I take a stick and expertly swat the poo off to the side, under the bushes, under the stars, unseen, unsmelled. The woods have bigger issues of cleanliness to worry about: the condoms, the smashed forties, and the shopping bags. The most obvious human artifacts in the forests of Prospect Park are the many empty plastic shopping bags blowing around.
Today I received some new toys via the brown-clad man who passes for the Santa Claus of adulthood. I'd ordered some audio equipment to replace some effects pedals that had gone missing in transit across the United States. Technology has advanced quite a bit since my old set of digital effects were built, sometime back in the mid 1980s. [REDACTED]

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