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Wednesday, November 21 2001

Gretchen's childhood friend Dina, who is now working as an Associated Press correspondent in South Africa, had a recent romantic fling with one Chris Tom1inson, another journalist then based in Africa. It seems this Chris character is now up in Afghanistan and was actually on the road from Jalalabad to Kabul a short time before the unfortunate four who were gunned down in cold blood by what were apparently Taliban guerillas. How do we know they were Taliban guerillas? Well, it seems Chris and his companions actually ran into these same gunmen a half hour before those who were murdered. The gunmen quizzed the Afghans in the convoy as to why they had shaved off their beards, at which point it was decided by those in the convoy that they should get going before things went from bad to worse. Evidently the guerillas were so worked up by this encounter that they killed the next group that came along.

In other news, I took advantage of a profit-taking-induced trough in the price of Southwest Airlines to buy three hundred shares. By the end of the day, this investment had already increased $200 in value. But the main reason I want to be holding stock right now is that I anticipate any day now we'll be hearing that Osama bin Laden's head is on a platter, and I want to be sure to have stock to sell at the peak of the resulting stock rally.

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