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Monday, November 26 2001

I rode the subway into the Manhattan office today, and as I was sitting there reading the subway car advertisements (out of sheer boredom), I noticed one for relatively low-tech vocational training: automotive repair, welding and air conditioner technology. Computers weren't mentioned at all. The company was Apex Technical School. I wondered if this was a delayed symptom of society's general retreat from high tech. Indeed, just a week or so before I'd been puzzled by the resilience of advertisements offering courses on "web design, networking & the internet" in the face of the continuing collapse of this part of the economy.
As I was walking towards 6th Avenue on 14th Street, I came up behind a group of mentally-challenged adults just as they passed a couple of average-looking (but evidently not mentally-challenged) young women. Upon seeing these women pass, several of the mentally-challenged men turned around and got a look at the women's rear ends, making soft hooting noises and nudging one another as they did so.

Ever since seeing The Man Who Wasn't There on Friday night, my lower right eyelid has been inflamed and slightly swollen with some mysterious infection, hopefully not cutaneous anthrax. Tonight I soaked my eyelid in saline solution hoping to kill off whatever is attacking me. Happily, though, the weird ringing in my ears has abated even as this eyelid infection has intensified. I'm always worried when I suffer from multiple unrelated medical problems at once; it makes me feel like I am in the process of disintegration.

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