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Tuesday, November 20 2001

For the second time in a month, I ran across a "queen kit" in the woods around the Vale of Cashmere. It was backpack hidden beneath a branch in along a trail. The backpack wasn't very well hidden, so I went to investigate. You never know, someone might be dropping off a fat wad of Benjamins or a couple kilos of coke. Once I opened it, though, I knew I wasn't going to be so lucky. The backpack contained a change of socks, some running shoes, a condom, some lotion, and a small knife. A queen kit I saw a week or so ago also contained a change of trousers.

When I passed the Vale of Cashmere fountains, I noticed that so many leaves had fallen in the water that there was now a floating surface strong enough to support the weight of a wading sparrow. I knew about Gallinules, but I had no idea that common birds at this latitude also were in the habit of wading on floating vegetation.

For the past few days, especially yesterday and today, I've been plagued by a strange pressure in my head, concentrated mostly around my left ear. This causes a super-low-frequency tinnitus which for some reason makes natural low-frequency noises all the more irritating. It's not painful, but it is kind of distracting and I hope it goes away.

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