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Thursday, April 26 2007
Gretchen reminded me of the existence of Loverboy this morning. She herself had forgotten of their existence until driving in the car yesterday, when the local nostalgia-rock station 92.9 decided to play "Working for the Weekend."

The new set of shelves has induced me to start a project of cleaning up the laboratory, large parts of which has haven't seen a reduction in entropy in four years. As I worked, I listened to an Pandora music "radio" station that I'd "grown" out of a single suggested song, "Fool in the Photograph" by Sunny Day Real Estate. By this afternoon, though, it was putting a good number of hair bands in the mix, for example "18 and Life to Go" by Sebastian Bach. And there was at least one song by the religiously-inclined grungisaurs Creed in there, too. Since Pandora is nothing but a swirling cloud of coldhearted algorithms building playlists based on my ratings, this had me wondering if perhaps I have more of an affinity for idiot rock than I'm willing to admit. I really can't stand the stripped-down "white boy blues" at the heart of most hair metal, but Pandora insists on throwing these songs at me, and I keep giving them the thumbs-down, consigning them to my station's own "dead to me" board.
In addition to such blind alleys, Pandora has discovered plenty of music I already know I like, within, that is, a fairly narrow subgenre of rock. The amount of unknown music it has found for me is very small: mostly just The Local Division and Chavez.

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